Engraved Handwriting Leather Bracelet 1st view

Engraved Handwriting Antique Style Leather Bracelet

The Engraved Handwriting Antique Style Leather Bracelet is available with FREE UK Delivery.


This moderrn looking bracelet has a twist of antique styling. It sports genuine leather woven strands with a too-cool snap-lock clasp for everyday use. 


We will personalise it with your own handwriting or picture


Choose from two sizes: Medium and Large


  • Colour: Rustic.
  • Sizes: Medium - 20cm; Large -  22cm.
  • Made from genuine leather,
  • Magnetic snap lock clasp,
  • Includes a gift box.


We aim to engrave and ship your bracelet within 1 working day.


--- Own Handwriting Instructions ---

1. After receiveing your order, we'll send you an email inviting you to your reply with a picture of your handwritten message and drawing attached.

2. That's it! We will do the rest.


--- Handwriting Engraving Advice ---

- Please take a clear picture of the image with plenty of light and no blur. A good quality scan is also fine.

- Please make sure that the picture taken is close up but still in focus.

- To accompany your drawing, we recommend 6 words maximum. We can engrave more but the engraved words will be smaller.


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