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  • Artwork only, delivered to you by email - £24.95

  • Mounted Artwork Print (8 x 10 inches) - £29.95

  • Mounted Artwork Print (A3 size) - £35.95

  • Canvas (10 x 8 inches) - £38.95

  • Canvas (12 x 16 inches) - £47.95

With an additional £5 per extra person   FREE Delivery in the UK


Mounted Artwork Prints come in standard sizes, perfect for displaying with or without a frame.

What sort of photo do I need?

For all portraits, ideally the photo will be at least 500kb to ensure a good result. You don't need a professional photo - an ordinary snapshot is fine. However, the image does need to be clear and shows the person in a suitable position for your chosen design.

Generally, for full length scenes, the photo needs to show the subject entirely from head to toe, so nothing obscuring or covering them, no important parts cropped from the photo.


Our designer can add elements such as fairy wings, tiaras, crowns and other props. However, it is best if the subject is dressed in clothing that's sympathetic to the theme you've chosen... An opportunity to dress-up in the fairy costume?

Any minor problems like red-eye can be corrected and you're welcome to send a selection

of photos to our designer before hand to select from.

More than one person

Great care is taken to ensure that the image of each subject is enhanced, layered and blended in to the design as naturally as possible.  This understandably takes time.  Therefore, even if sitting or standing closely, a 2nd or 3rd person (or pet) is regarded as 'additional' and therefore subject to a £5 charge.

The best size and quality for your photo

Ideally, use at least a 3MP digital camera or phone.  Almost any modern phone will be fine. 

However, ensure that the settings for the camera are set to take the best resolution picture it can. 


Generally, the bigger the photo, the better.  Photos downloaded from Facebook are rarely large enough as they are compressed by the website unfortunately. If scanning the photo, set the scanner at 300dpi (dots per inch).


Save your photo or scanned image as a JPEG or PNG file (if unsure, check the file should has .jpeg or .png  on the end).

If you're unsure of anything, please ask a question or send us a photo to check.  

10 tips for taking a great photo

If you've found a design you love and you'd like to take a new photo to fit with it, follow these tips from a professional photographer:

  1. Take the photo when your subject is feeling relaxed and responsive. Give yourself plenty of time.

  2. Natural is best.  It's not always necessary for the subject to be looking straight in to the camera. Avoid a fake smile by asking a question to make them think or ask them to imagine something lovely, pull a silly face or make a funny noise - and be ready to press the button!

  3. To avoid a glazed expression, ask the subject to look down and on the count of 3, raise their head. The change of focus will prevent staring eyes.

  4. Get down to their level. Kneel or sit down - even lie on the floor but make sure that the camera is at eye level.

  5. Hold the camera steady.  Blurry images can't be corrected. Rest your camera on something if you can.

  6. Try keeping your flash on outdoors.  You may prefer the result.

  7. Natural light is great but avoid really sunny spots.  This can create unwanted shadows or squinting.

  8. The further the subject is from the backdrop, the less problem shadows you will have.  It'll make it easier for the designer to blend the subject in with the artwork.

  9. A white card can act as a greater light reflector to prevent harsh shadows around the eyes and nose. Hold it underneath, out of camera shot.

  10. Double-check that every important part of the body is visible.  For example, have the hands disappeared in to the grass if crawling in the garden?  Have you accidentally cropped out part of the head and shoulders?

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